What is ACKHI? ACKHI is the acronym for African and African Caribbean Kultural Heritage Initiative. ACKHI is a not-for-profit Black Afrikan led community organization.

Our History

ACKHI was established in 2003 to promote, protect and preserve the history, heritage and culture, of peoples of Black African heritage living and or working in Oxfordshire, as well as Black Afrika’s contributions to world development.

During 2003 to 2005 ACKHI underwent development and project planning. In 2006 ACKHI carried out community consultation into what activities the community would like to see in the 200th anniversary of the British Parliamentary Act of 1807 that abolished the transatlantic slave trade in British ships.

In 2007 ACKHI developed and delivered ‘Out Of Africa’ a programme of cultural events which focussed on the a commemorative event ‘Remembering Slavery’ held in Christ Church Cathedral (see film).

ACKHI carried out research into Oxfordshire’s links to system of slavery and the slave trade. ‘Connections – People and Places’.

ACKHI in partnership with Fusion Arts worked on a slavery timeline and Fusion’s In-tent City project ‘Freedom Tent‘.

Textiles For Peace group, on ‘Common Treads’ a textile project reflecting the multi-cultural society that has evolved since the enslavement of Afrikans and the movement of people from the colonies occupied by the British.

In addition ACKHI works with partners in delivering the annual Afrikan History Season-Beyond Black History Month programme, with a particular emphasis on the founder of ‘Negro History Week (7th February 1926), Dr. Carter G. Woodson.

Our Team

At present ACKHI is run by volunteers as and when needed.

Who ACKHI respresent?

ACKHI represent all peoples of Black Afrika heritage, whether living on the Afrikan continent or within the Afrikan diaspora.

Find Us

ACKHI is located at the East Oxford Community Centre, Princes Street, Oxford, OX4 1DD, UK.


Find us at the East Oxford Community Centre